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Katie Clegg Personal Trainer

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Client 1

I started working with Katie when I was 13 stone 3lbs. I had tried already using the usual suspects that we all try; from Aloe Vera starvation 9 shakes, to expensive appetite suppressing stomach injections, through to slimming world – but my weight loss was really intermittent and I didn’t know what to do, whether what I was doing was right or wrong. Two memories that have stuck in my mind from around this time is receiving a certificate from Slimming World that said ‘don’t give up’ after only loosing 3lbs with them after being with them for an entire year and also thinking that somehow my fat was different to everyone else’s and that diets just ‘don’t work for me’.

When I first started with Katie my self esteem was rock-bottom; I didn’t feel at all attractive, I hated looking at myself in the mirror and my mind raced with awful negative self-talk… I wouldn’t have spoken to my worst enemy the way I was talking to myself.

I had learned enough about myself by this point to recognise that most of my destructive habits were because of emotional reactions to food. I ate/ drank when I was happy, when I was sad, when I was angry… in fact pretty much every mood was either soothed or enhanced with food and drink!

On this programme I get daily WhatsApp and voice note chats with Katie, I submit my nutrition goals for the day and I have access to all of her exercises. I also get a CBT session once a month that tackles the emotional side to eating. I cannot overstate how successful this has been. I’ve been with Katie now for 3 months and my weight-loss has been steady and I am literally 10lbs from the BIG GOAL I set out to myself all those years ago! I can’t believe some days that I am so close to my finish line. The transformation is not just physical, in fact, I’d say the biggest transformation has been emotional. I can’t believe that this transformation has happened in such a short space of time with Katie, but it has. I actually like… no I actually care about myself now. I say kind things to myself. I forgive myself for days when I slip up – I’m only human and part of being human is that we are perfectly imperfect and make mistakes. But part of being a kind and compassionate human is that we forgive ourselves, we do our best to learn, to improve and that we do this with kindness and self-compassion. I feel so much more resilient than I ever have. I’m in a place of calm – a place of serenity that I haven’t experienced in years and YEARS.

Through Katie’s weekly reflections I’ve started to appreciate different aspects of being in my own skin. I appreciate a once loathed part of my body; my c-section fold and its stretch-marks. I now look at it from a totally different perspective.

Physically I have more energy now than I have had in a long while. I feel sexy and attractive – although I’m so happy, I’m not looking for a partner, like I was a few years ago.

Kate has also helped me to exercise self-forgiveness.

I cannot recommend Katie enough – her plan has transformed not only my weight, but my total mindset; who I am as a mother, how I respond to stress at work – and my world is filled with light and happiness now.

It might feel like a sizeable lump sum of money that you are paying for her plan, but based on all those sliming world subs, the stomach injections and the shakes I’ve wasted my money on over the years and their total lack of results.. this is by far the best money I have ever spent on anything. EVER!!!

Client 2

I got Katie’s help after returning from my summer holiday, and feeling at my lowest. I was low on energy tired all the time, and was lacking in self confidence. I had spent years yo-yo dieting starving myself during the week only to blow it all on the weekends, where I would mess up a bit and then fall off the wagon completely. I remember feeling really anxious the day before I started on a plan, thinking how can I do this? I won’t be able to stick to it.

For me this was not about a quick fix but changing my relationship with food. I have recommended Katie to so many people who have also found being on a plan with her successful. I am currently expecting a baby, but I know with what I have learnt when I am ready, and allowed my body to recover postpartum, I can use what I learnt with Katie to get back in shape.

Client 3

I have always gone to the gym and worked hard in classes. But progress slowed and eventually came to a halt. I bumped into an old gym buddy, and she looked amazing. She raved about how incredible Katie was. I joined up that night. One of the best decisions I have ever made.

Through Katie’s support and guidance, I not only achieved my fitness goals, but am able to maintain it now on my own. My mindset has totally changed. I did not want to stop but Katie said: “You don’t need me anymore”, it was difficult not to take it like a breakup! ???? My fitness journey has been an incredible one, one that I would not have been able to achieve without Katie. She has been inspirational, motivational, and knowledgeable.

Thank you Katie — not sure you will ever realise what a difference you have made in my life! ❤️x

Client 4

I lost 3.5 stone working with Katie and kept it all off! It’s all about kindness to yourself, without an “all or nothing” mindset. My relationship with food is now so much better. The guilt of eating something “naughty” is gone. I had always been a yo-yo dieter with an unhealthy relationship with food. I gained a tonne of weight at uni. I lost some through Herbalife I put the whole lot and more back on!

I signed up with Katie. A weight loss “diet” with chocolate and pasta included?? Never!! BUT IT WORKED! What’s more, her method discards “diet culture” and focuses on positive lifestyle changes. I was never perfect. Katie always offered kindness and understanding. I had a PT at PureGym once a week but she never bothered teaching me nutrition so I stuck with Katie for the sheer tonne of workouts available online with her.

Her continued support every day held me accountable. On top of everything she is an amazing lady. Mental strength of an ox and a light that shines as bright as a star. I have recommended her to everyone I know. She changed my life and I owe her a lot!! ❤️

Client 5

Thank you for helping me find my confidence again! Being on a plan with Katie has taught me a lot, not only about dieting but about my mindset. She explains in detail what you need to do and why, you don’t get this with other plans.. education is key!

That’s where Katie’s plan is different and works. She teaches you about what matters the most to you as an individual not, just concentrating on how you feel in yourself. She teaches you it’s a lifestyle. If you think you can’t do this plan because you are too busy, you can.

I work a hard, demanding career and have two children – I can manage it and so can you. I have been off plan for a few months now. I am happily and easily maintaining. I feel healthy, happy and grateful for finding the best PT who will help you every step of the way with her support.

Client 6

I had always been a ‘quick fix’ dieter or would join WW or SW for a month and give up! Back in 2018, I rejoined SW for the 500th time determined to lose 4 stone. A year and a half in I was only a stone & a half down. A stone & a half is great BUT not when I was restricting my diet so much and getting such little results, it was actually soul destroying. A friend told me about Katie Clegg’s plan and I joined.

It is one of the best things I have ever done. My whole outlook on food changed. I’m at the point where I maintain, but if I have a few days of not following, I have the knowledge to get back on it knowing I will not be restricting myself! I recommend Katie’s plan all the time, and get so frustrated when I hear of people wasting their money on fad diets!!

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